Our history

Lamicolor history is a progressive and consequential story as it matures and develops cyclically, combining technology, design research and experimentation.
In 1967, the production of high-pressure laminates began, and it soon became appreciated for the quality of the products and the efficiency of the service.
In fifty years of business, some important choices have determined the company's orientation, ready to respond specifically to the different requests of a demanding and multifaceted market.
Renewal policy, coupled with constant commitment to achieving quality, is the cornerstone of Lamicolor's philosophy, playing a creative role through the design of innumerable decorative surfaces that anticipate market orientations and needs, with new textures and patterns.

Skills and experience

Our company

Skill and experience. For more than fourty years, Lamicolor has been a benchmark company at the very forefront of the laminates industry with products that have been developed with tenacity and farsightedness in national and international markets.

Lamicolor is a leading company, orientated towards research and experimentation into new technologies, thanks to its production flexibility and to the professional skills of more than one hundred employees.

And the tangible result achieved by Lamicolor? A huge range of highly qualified products. The main objective of the company is to continue with its constant commitment to quality, achieved through stringent control procedures for both raw materials and finished products.

Every item from Lamicolor complies with the most stringent international standards, which guarantees that it is not only an advanced product in terms of technology and style, but also safe and reliable from every viewpoint. The range of LamcoHPL laminates from Lamicolor is complete when it comes to products and sizes as well as being flexible enough to meet any requirement – no matter how different.

The choice of decorations and finishes is practically limitless in terms of decoration and finish, with a careful eye to emerging colour trends, and it represents the best possible functional and style solution to any design requirements in the furniture industry and in decoration in general, as well as in the building trade, industry, transport and various other areas.

As well as throughout Italy, Lamicolor is also present through its agents and importers in various European and overseas

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