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Lamco HPL Standard

Any design can take shape with LamcoHPL Standard. It has a high degree of resistance to scratching, stains and even boiling water. This is the ideal product for home furnishings, but it is also perfectly at ease in offices and shops, where it can be used to create showcases, counters and worktops.

A host of uses

The fact of its high resistance and easy maintenance also makes it the ideal partner in uses where constant cleanliness and excellent hygiene are needed, such as in sterile rooms in hospitals and laboratories, where it can be used for false ceilings, partition walls and doors.
It also offers a host of different uses in schools, hotels and public buildings in general, while in the transport industry, it is ideal for fitting out railway carriages, trams, buses and underground trains.
In the shipbuilding industry it is used to fit out cabins and saloons and on control panels; while in the expo industry, it is the perfect material with which to build stands.

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